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Do I have to become a member to rent a property?
There is no registration required for visitors and potential renters. Any visitor can search the property listings, request rental information and even book rentals with the respective owners. Membership is only necessary for those interested in advertising their rental properties at Visit our registration page for more information regarding becoming a member. Back to top.

How can I keep track of my favorite properties?
When a visitor finds a property that they are interested in, they can add this property to a list of Favorites on the left side of the screen. To add a property to your list of Favorites, locate the property and click the 'Add to Favorites' link. The listing will then be added to your list of Favorites on the left side of the window. You can also send a single rental inquiry to all the properties on your list of Favorites. Back to top.

What is the 'Live Agent' feature?
The Live Agent feature is very helpful tool for any potential renter. If you are interested in finding a vacation property, but you do not have the time to invest in searching for it, one of our customer service staff will help location your perfect vacation rental free of charge! If the perfect vacation rental for you cannot be located on our site, our staff will search other vacation rental listing web sites to make sure that we locate your vacation property. Back to top.

Why didn't any rental properties turn up during my search?
You may have specified a city, state, and/or region that does not currently have any property listings. You may refine your search by looking for an entire state's or region's listings to return a more broad result. You can also visit at a later time, as this website will continually add new listings. Back to top.

What does the mileage distance mean on the search results?
When a visitor searches for properties in a specific city and state, or a specific zip code, the search will pinpoint a zip code in a city and return all properties within a 50 mile radius of that zip code. This will help the visitor locate relevant properties in local cities and suburbs that otherwise would have been looked over. The mileage distance informs the visitor how many miles away a property is from a zip code. Back to top.

How do I use the 'Advanced Search' feature?
The 'Advanced Search' feature is used to filter and sort the search results to what meets the visitors needs. You can specify a minimum price, number of bedrooms and number of people the property can house. A visitor can also specify what property types they would like to search for. Examples include vacation rentals and bed & breakfasts. Back to top.

How do I see the full details of a property listing?
When viewing the search results page locate the desired property listing. Click on the title, property image, or the 'view details' link to open a new window displaying the full details of the property listing. Back to top.

Will I be able to see the availability of a rental property before inquiring about it?
The search results page and the detailed listing page will contain a 'Calendar' link for each property. Click on the 'Calendar' link to view the availability calendar for the property. Each property manager is responsible for the updating the calendar appropriately. is not liable for any inaccuracy in a property's availability calendar. Back to top.

How do I contact the rental property manager?
The search results page and the detailed listing page will contain a 'Request Rental' link for each property. Click on the 'Request Rental' link to open up a new message window. The submitted message will then be emailed to the appropriate property manager. Back to top.

How do we handle payment with the rental property manager?
Each property manager will have differing forms of payment to accept. The property managers are asked to specify their preferred methods of payment when they register. Some examples include credit cards, check, cashier's check, etc.. All payments for rental agreements are between the potential renter and the property manager. will not be held responsible for any portion of the payment agreement between the potential renter and the property manager. Back to top.

How do I verify that the rental property exists?
It is up to the potential renter to investigate the validity of a property. Request the terms and conditions from the manager, as well as an address so you can locate it on an Internet map site. You may also consider obtaining renter's insurance for your protection. Back to top.

How does the 'Map' feature work?
Clicking the 'Map' button will direct the user to a MapQuest map of the local area of the property centered on the zip code of the property. does not display the street address of the property either on the property listing or the MapQuest map, allowing our members to disclose that information when they feel it is appropriate. Back to top.

How do we contact
Click the 'Contact Us' link located at the top of our web pages. Back to top.

Member Services

How do I become a member?
Visit our registration page and fill in the contact information to become a member of Members have the opportunity to advertise their property listings and take part in our 'Owner Exchange' feature. There are no costs involved with membership registration. Costs are incurred when members choose to advertise their property on Back to top.

What is the 'Owner Exchange' feature?
'Owner Exchange' is a special feature on that allows members to directly communicate with other members. This is to help encourage members to book vacation time at another member's property, in exchange for vacation time at the originating member's property. The 'Owner Exchange' link appears with each property in the search results. A member must be logged in to use the 'Owner Exchange' feature. Owners must take in to consideration that the proposed exchange may involve properties of unequal value, and that additional rates may be negotiated between the owners. All dialogue and agreements are at the discretion of the owners. will not be responsible for any 'Owner Exchange' proposals. Back to top.

Will advertise its site? Will people view the property listings?
The iRelocation Network (which owns and operates has been a premier Internet marketing company for the relocation industry since 1998. will work with Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture), Google AdWords, and other Internet advertising campaigns to deliver sufficient, targeted traffic to your property listings. Back to top.

What are the costs of listing my properties?
The current pricing plan allows members to have multiple property advertisements, with the option of upgrading one of the properties to a "Featured Listing". The pricing plan is as follows: Back to top.

  • One to three property listings: $150 Annually ($250 with "Featured Listing")
  • Four to six property listings: $250 Annually ($350 with "Featured Listing")
  • Seven or more property listings: $350 Annually ($450 with "Featured Listing")

How do I pay the listing costs?
When a member adds a new property advertisement will charge the credit card submitted in the member's information. Automatic renewals for property advertising fees will occur annually. If a member has signed up during a free trial, their property advertisements will not be charged until the completion of the property's free trial period. Back to top.

How long is my free trial period?
The length of the free trial is expressed during registration. If promotes a 90-day free trial, the member's property will not be charged until 90 days later. Back to top.

How do I cancel my property advertisement?
To cancel your property advertisement, login as a member and enter the member administration area. You will have option to cancel your membership.
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How do I list my property on your site?
First, you must become a member. After member registration, you can login at the home page or by clicking the 'List Your Property' link at the top of the web page. After logging in you will enter a member administration area. Members can then add/update account information, including the ability to add a property to advertise. Back to top.

Once I have completed my property listing, when does it post on the website?
After you have submitted information for your property to be added, your property listing will be posted automatically to Posting is contingent on successful authorization of the member's credit card (This is omitted during a free trial period). Back to top.

What happens if my credit card is invalid?
If an invalid credit card is entered during member registration, you will be prompted to enter a different credit card. If an invalid credit card is on file during an automatic renewal processing, you will be sent a message notifying you of the invalid credit card and your listing will be temporarily disabled until the appropriate fee is paid. Back to top.

How do I modify my property listing?
Login as a member and enter the member administration area. Members can then add/update account information, including the ability to modify your property listing. Back to top.

How do I manage the Availability Calendar?
Login as a member and enter the member administration area. There will be three different options in managing your availability calendar; 'Record Bookings', 'Confirm Bookings' and 'Make Available'. The 'Record Bookings' option will allow you to specify a date range and book it. The 'Confirm Bookings' will allow you to approve or decline any dates that were proposed to your from a rental inquiry. The 'Make Available' link will allow you to cancel any booked dates in your calendar. These options will also contain a link so you may view your calendar. It is up to the property manager to update the availability calendar as a courtesy to visitors. Back to top.

I forgot my password. Can I still login?
On the home page locate the 'Forget Password?' link towards the top of the page and click the link. You will be prompted to enter your username and email address. The password will then be sent to your email address. For further assistance please contact
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How will I be notified of rental inquiries?
When a visitor or other member has submitted a rental inquiry on your property, the information will be sent to your email address that we have on file.
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How does my property become a "Featured Listing"?
Members can choose to upgrade their property into a "Featured Listing".  This will place your property listing in the top tier of search results, given that your property details fit the criteria of the search. Purchase a "Featured Listing" will ensure more visibility, bringing more visitors to your property listing. A member can only purchase one "Featured Listing" property at a time. Back to top.

Will I be able to link from my property listing to my own website?
Yes, you can place a link on your property listing to go to your own vacation rental website. This service is provided free of charge. The link must go to website that is relevant to the property listing on Back to top.

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